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KeraDomo Mera Twin Sink Grönland

You Pay: 430.000 KD


  • Surface: ceramic
  • Rinse size: W 841 x D 486 mm
  • Basin dimensions: 2 times 385 x 385 mm
  • Base cabinet width: at least 90 cm
  • Rinse edge profile: For flush mounting
  • Cut-out size: W 845 x D 490 mm


  • including waste set with manual override (only manually operated version)
  • pop-up waste set with two eccentric actuation and turning handle stainless steel shiny round (only Excenter version)


  • Dirt (including lime) will not stop on a CleanPlus-sealed surface. If all care instructions are followed, a CleanPlus surface cleans almost by itself
  • It is an additional surface seal with the so-called “lotus flower effect” with nano-particles, which causes dirt and lime to be removed better.
  • The seal is not visually visible and rubs off over the years due to the use of the sink.

KeraDomo  MERA TWIN with two generous cymbals: The MERA TWIN  has a familiar angular shape and fits perfectly into the MERA product family. A modern appearance which fits perfectly into any city kitchen. Cover with a sink all the functions of a well-organized wet workplace - preparing, rinsing, draining and turning off. High-quality accessories underline the possibilities of the  MERA TWIN . With this sink, you have a generous workspace in your kitchen.