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KeraDomo Mera 80 Sink Grönland

You Pay: 305.000 KD


  • Surface: Ceramic
  • Base cabinet width: at least 80 cm
  • Heat and cold resistant
  • High impact, impact and scratch resistance


The world of KeraDomo kitchen ceramics is uniquely convincing. Because KeraDomo kitchen ceramic is made of porcelain stoneware, whose high material density and resilience has already proven in everyday laboratory life sovereign what it stands.Hardly any other material can combine hygiene and care properties in the kitchen with so much unmistakable and long-lasting aesthetics.


The ceramic KeraDomo ceramic is not only nice to look at, but also very easy to maintain. Even faster and easier is the anti-spatter coating system CleanPlus from systemceram. This special surface seal leaves no chance for deposits.

Because: Dirt, no matter what kind, finds no support on a ceramic surface with CleanPlus sealant. Ball-round water pearls attract him and flush him away. With the simple after-cleaning of our sinks you save time and money by the use of mild, common household care products.

The research institute for glass and ceramics has tested the CleanPlus advantage, hydrophobic effect, for our high-quality porcelain stoneware products and confirmed its long-lasting effect with appropriate adherence to the care instructions.


Every KeraDomo ceramic sink, every module, every extension element is unique and at an exceptionally high level. Made of a material that speaks its own language and in the look and feel of an irrefutable value-resistant example of the possibilities of Siershahner porcelain stoneware.

The design of KeraDomo kitchen ceramics is naturally geared to the demands of consumers and the current kitchen worlds.

The timelessly beautiful shapes, colors and convincing functionalities, however, are values ​​that remain fashionable over the long term.

The single basins from Systemceram are ideal all-round talents, not only for flushing purists: With the integrated bench for faucet and soap dispenser and large basin they offer a lot of function in the respective cut-out dimensions. Straight, flat, unobtrusive, practical and beautiful. With the MERA line systemceram creates a new generation of KeraDomo. The MERA has a very modern appearance due to its angular shape. This single basin from SystemCeram provides everything for the purge purists. Its strict geometry makes it an all-round talent for any kitchen design. With its large bowl, this new sink from SystemCeram is a must for flushing enthusiasts!