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KeraDomo Centra 60 Sink Magnolie

You Pay: 445.000 KD


  • Material: ceramic
  • Sink dimensions: W 595 x D 625 mm / suitable for countertops with a depth of 600 mm
  • Bowl size: 545 x 365 mm
  • Cabinet width: at least 60 cm
  • Installation type: Only suitable for mounting between two cabinets / or for resting on a height-reduced 60 cm wide base cabinet


  • Residual Bowl
  • Crockery basket
  • Sink and Shower Cover (spout cover), stainless steel glossy
  • Sink and Shower Cover, brushed stainless steel


  • Dirt (including lime) will not stop on a CleanPlus-sealed surface. If all care instructions are followed, a CleanPlus surface cleans almost by itself
  • It is an additional surface seal with the so-called “lotus flower effect” with nano-particles, which causes dirt and lime to be removed better.
  • The seal is not visually visible and rubs off over the years due to the use of the sink.

Systemceram support sink / flushing module KeraDomo CENTRA 60 with eccentric actuation: The modern alternative to the classic sink! With its straightforward, strict design language, the large basin and its ergonomically responsive nature, this built-in sink inspires the imagination of kitchen friends.